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Weinor. Modern Basics | Blue®

Creating beauty, exceptional style & lasting values – out of plastic waste.

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Blue® | Sustainable Awning Fabric Collection

A unique combination of a stylistic trends, innovative material and process
expertise has resulted in the ground-breaking Modern Basics Blue® collection.

Aesthetically up to date, highly durable & responsible with regard to sustainability.

2021 Sustainability & Innovation Award Winner

Weinor innovation awards winner
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phone 1800 333 000
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Sustainable | Awning Fabric Collection

basics blue fabric swatch

No compromises:
The modern basics blue® fabric collection is as sophisticated as you are. Look forward to beautiful awning covers in modern design and with unique quality – for the best outdoor living in your precious personal space.

New and unique:
These awning fabrics are produced sustainably. Here, upcycling means approx. 60 % less energy consumption and approx. 45 % less CO2 emissions through PET recycling and approx. 90 % less water consumption thanks to spinneret dyeing. For us it means taking responsibility.

Long service life:
Weinor products are always made for long-term use. In this respect, our decision for first-class quality is also always a commitment to more sustainability – for our future.

global recyled standard

Upcycling | Creating lasting values out of plastic waste.

Upcycling | Creating lasting values out of plastic waste.


328 Old plastic bottles turned into 21m² of stunning fabric.

sustainable fabric for awnings

plastic bottlesWoinor Australia

* For example, 112 x 1.5 l disposable bottlesand 216 x 0.5 l disposable bottles
Made with 85 % recycled PET – tried and tested, certified quality The modern basics  blue® collection consists of a sun protection fabric certified according to the Global Recycled  Standard (GRS) made with 85 % recycled PET – for a better environmental balance in terms of water, energy and CO2.

global recyled standard

Positive sustainability balance

energy consumption graphics

Further energy saving
Automated sun protection systems prevent the
overheating of living spaces and help reduce the
energy required for air conditioning.

Upcycling | The Fabric Creation Process.

collecting PET bottles

PET bottles are collected
Upcycling – this means turning waste into something more valuable and durable. In our case, PET bottles are transferred to the recycling loop and compressed into compact plastic bales. This reduces the transport volume of the bottles considerably, saving on climate-damaging CO2.

pet bottles sorted

The recycling plant sorts and cleans the raw material
The bottles are then removed in large bales and taken to the recycling plant. The sorting and thorough cleaning process takes place there.
Once the bottles are separated from each other and cleaned, the recyclable material is shredded into small plastic flakes.

plastic bottles melted

Plastic is melted down and chips are produced
Small chips have to be produced first for further processing. For this, the material is melted down and pressed through an extruder – a kind of industrial spaghetti press. Using special blades these plastic strands are finally cut into small strands: the chips.

embedding of pigment

Spinneret dyeing ensures the deep embedding of the pigment
Dyeing using complex spinneret technology. The colourless chips are melted down again and mixed with pigment. Unlike conventional processes, where the surface of finished yarn or fabric is dyed, the result is a yarn with consistent colour throughout

fibres produced

Extruding the melt through nozzles produces continuous fibres
Now the coloured melt is pressed through spinnerets. These are perforated discs whose hole size determines the diameter of the yarn fibres. 

Individual continuous filaments are produced, which are then joined together. The result: high-quality and elastic continuous filaments.

yarn is made

The multifilament yarn is made from several continuous filaments
The high-quality multifilament yarn is produced by combining many continuous fibres. The texturing gives it a structure similar to natural fibres.

The multifilament yarn is then wound onto bobbins. It can be composed of differently coloured fibres – for a beautiful melange effect.

material is woven

The material is woven and given a finish
Now a high quality Tempotest® fabric is made out of the yarn at Parà. The Italian weaving mill is one of the most renowned producers of outdoor fabrics worldwide. The special Teflon™ finish ensures a long service life for the awning cloth and allows impurities to simply roll off.

awning fabric manufactured

The finished awning fabric is manufactured at the weinor sewing facilities
Individuality matters: all fabric awnings are made to measure in Germany for customers by weinor. Then each awning fabric from the modern basics blue® collection is tested by experts.

Once it has successfully passed the inspection, it receives the weinor fabric label.

Woinor Australia

Modern Basics | Blue®


16 New On-Trend Designer Fabrics.

The new fabric collection from the Weinor design studio comprises 16 on-trend awning fabric designs in the latest trend colours.

The fabrics impress due to their high quality and lasting, brilliant colour.

Sustainability for environmentally conscious customer seeking more than just a durable quality product.

Modern Basics | Blue unique fabrics are made with GRS-certified 85 % recycled PET fabric.


Select Your Perfect Fabric.

The Complete Modern Basics | Blue® Collection.

modern basics blue collection
1. Creative Patterns.

New creative patterns in popular colour combinations. For all those who like things a bit livelier, but do not want to do without a contemporary look than just a durable quality product.

creative patterns 0
2. Plain Designs.

Lively textured plain designs in timeless grey and sandy shades as well as a smooth plain design in modern petrol (blue-green). Designed for modern living.

plain designs 0
3. Plain Linen Like Designs.

New plain designs with tough, raw linen-like structure (slub effect). These patterns are particularly insensitive and perfect for those who prefer a natural look.

plain linen like designs
4. Stripe Designs.

The popular Stripe designs in 4 new versions.
Elegant shades with a colourful accent, which are stunning and particularly attractive on large installations.

stripe designs

Weinor | Exclusive Fabric + Frame Colours.

My Collection 2 Fabrics

Sustainable fabrics

Specialist fabrics

Frame Colours

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Fabric Collection

The Weinor fabric collection – finest quality and wide variety

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Special Collections

Weinor special collections – the right fabric for every need

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Benefits of Weinor collection

Find out about the quality features behind Weinor’s fabric collections.
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Weinor Frame Colours

Add colour to your house and patio to project your character & taste

In recent years, Weinor won numerous design prizes for the superb design of its patio products. The awards confirm that the products we offer are not only high quality in technical terms, but also set high standards from a visual perspective.

Weinor Product Awards include: 
iF Design Awards | Red Dot | Good Design | R+T Innovations | ICONIC Awards | German Design Awards | M&T Produkt des Jahres | Elu Produit du BTP par less Professionnels | Focus Open awards

Modern Basics Blue® awards:

modern basics design awards

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Modern Basics Blue brochure

Modern Basics Blue®

Sustainable awning fabric collection

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Tip for Selecting Fabric

Our 10 Tips for selecting awning fabric

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