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I + K + N 2000

Flexible all-rounder Folding Arm Awning for any application

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I + K + N 2000 | Retractable Folding Arm Awning

Weinor’s I + K 2000 models are classic designs allowing flush fixing to any type of building surface. Designed without a back plate, the I 2000 is one of Weinor’s first Awnings designs and suits a more traditional or industrial décor. Similarly, the K 2000 offers a robust and simple design, and its back plate inclusion allows installation onto uneven facades. They both still utilise all the advanced technologies of the rest of the Weinor Folding Arm awning ranges.

The N 2000 by Weinor is an outdoor retractable awning that has been designed specifically for discrete niche fixing. Its innovative and unique flat front rail allows the awning to completely disappear into a façade, making it the perfect solution for modern homes wishing to maintain a clean and clear design. This awning requires a rebate to be built for the awning to seamlessly dissapear back into so is best to be designed in at the start

phone 1800 934 667
phone 1800 934 667

I + K + N 2000 Cassettes

premium quality made in germany

I + K + N 2000 | Overview

IKN 2000 Retractable Awning

5 year warrantyAwning Style:
Full Cassette Retractable Awning | Protects the fabric and mechanism from the elements
Max. Width x Projection:
1 section: 7m x 4m
2 section: 12m x 4m
LED Design Bar + Paravento Side Awnings + Tempura Infrared Heating
Custom Colour Options:
155 Fabric Patterns + 56 Standard Frame Colours
Price Category:
Lowest to highest*
price category 4

I + K + N 2000 | Photo Gallery

Technical | Highlights

slim cassette design

Slim cassette design

Once the awning is retracted, both the fabric and the mechanical parts are safely protected inside the cassette. A number of versions are available depending on where the awning is to be fitted.

niche installation

N2000 – niche installations

The unique flat front fail on the N 2000 makes it the perfect solution when the installation is to be completely hidden.

multi section awning for large patios

Multi-section units for large patios

Two-section coupled systems that open and retract by means of a motor are a good option for especially large areas.

Weinor long life arm

Longlife arm

The appeal of the low-noise Weinor LongLife arm is its very high tension force – even in gusty conditions. This ensures the fabric is exceptionally well positioned.

I + K  + N 2000 | Precision + Quality Components

I2000 open cassette

I2000: open cassette – for wall installation
The I 2000 cassette awning is open on the side facing the wall

K2000 closed cassette

K 2000: closed cassette – for extra protection
The K 2000 features an additional back-plate, completely closing it off.

N2000 niche installation

N 2000: niche cassette – for flush fit at facade
The N 2000 is specially designed for niche installation

I +  K + N 2000 | Technical Specifications

bulletInnovative two-point connection, only 2 wall mountings necessary
bulletStable OPTI grooved tube for especially smooth fabric with few winding creases
bulletIntegrated technology ensures a solid and fashionable appearance – wall brackets and bolts are hidden out of view in the housing
bulletIntegrated water management gutter profile included in the front rail to suit light rain when set at 15 degree pitch
bulletPowder coated in scratch resistant premium Powdercoat

Folding Arm:
bulletPowder coated in scratch resistant premium Powdercoat
bulletDrop-forged arm parts providing the best protection compared to standard cast parts
bulletLong Life Dyneema tape in the arms gives an exceptionally quite operation along with performance that is second to none. Tested to over 100 000 cycles which is 20 years of life expectancy

bulletMotor-equipped as standard

Woinor AustraliaLighting on the I+K+N2000 LED:
bulletIntegrated LED lighting for optimal terrace illumination
bulletNo UV light which helps keep insects away
bulletThe number of LED light depends on the width of your awning

Weinor | My Collections

Kubata brochure

Kubata brochure

The cubic casette awning

PDFSize 1.6mb

Weinor high quality awning fabrics

My Collections, is Weinor’s new fabric range consisting of 3 different colour collections and ways.It’s a huge range of 143 new release colours patterns for you to select from. Weinor fabric quality and the manufacturing process is exceptional. Weinor fabrics are made from polyester or acrylic and are solution dyed for a superior colour fastness. High-quality pigments are stored in each individual fibre.

The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. Colours remain lastingly brilliant. This makes Weinor fabrics stand out from products made by other manufacturers where only the finished yarn is dyed. Thanks to the Teflon fabric coating and state-of-the-art nano technology, the surface is resistant to oil, water, dirt and prevents rot.

Weinor | Frame Colour Range

weinor frame colours

56 | Standard RAL Colours

Our standard frame colour range offers an impressive 47 RAL colours + 9 Trend Colours.

150 | Additional RAL Colours

For a small surcharge, Weinor also boasts over 150 additional RAL colours. Everyone is certain to find their favourite colours in the Weinor collection!

Options | Extend your outdoor retractable awning enjoyment

Paravento side panel awnings

Paravento Side Panels

LED light bars

LED Light Bars

Tempura heating system for awnings

Tempura Heater

downloadsDownloads | Data + Specs

Weinor Patio Pleasure

Patio Pleasure

Quality awnings for every taste.
Our complete awning range.

PDFSize 6.0mb

I+K+N 200 techncial file

I + K + N 2000

Proven technology.
Timeless design.

PDFSize 1.9mb

Commercial Solutions brochure

Commercial Solutions

All year weather protection.

PDFSize 9.5mb

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Somfy Motorisation | Cutting edge innovation and technology.

Situo RTS remote range

Situo RTS Remote Range Available in 1, 2 and 5 channel versions to control one or multiple awnings + window coverings. Available in four striking colours.

Sunis Sun Sensor

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Eolis Wind Sensor

Eolis Wind Sensor
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Eolis Motion Sensor

Eolis Motion Sensor
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 Finest quality incorporating cutting edge technology
 Touch of a button convenience
 Range of controllers & switching offering great flexibility
 Control multiple blinds & awnings from one controller
 Add sensors & timing to operate while away
 Energy efficiency by controlling heat & light entering
 Smooth & controlled movement ensures longer life
 Quiet, sophisticated & discreet operation. Impress guests

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