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VertiTex II

The only 75mm Cassette. Small + Discreet

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VertiTex II | Stylish new vertical roller blind

Stylish new Vertical Roller blind range featuring tiny 75mm & 92mm cassettes that enable blinds to span up to a massive 6m width. There is a 112mm cassette coming, which will give us longer drops in particular on the Zips – but all systems should be able to be made with longer drops! Available in 2 sleek architectural profiles, square + round, adapting unobtrusively to all building facades. The patented Weinor Opti-Flow System® ensures the fabric position is always perfect. VertiTex ll avoids bulky cassette housings on patios, windows and balconies. Unique cantilever guide rail mounts allow blinds up to 2.5m wide to be installed without cassette brackets.

phone 1800 333 000
phone 1800 333 000

For windows, VertiTex II is a suitable alternative to external shading systems or roller shutters and can be used inside and outside. A wide range of fabric types will allow you to filter light and privacy to suit your needs. For every application and facade, VertiTex ll can provide the solution. Small, discreet and so versatile.

vertitex zip

VertiTex II Zip – the wind-resistant version

Vertitex Channel

VertiTex II Channel – the universal version

Vertitex Cable

VertiTex II Cable – the light version

New Release

VertiTex II | Overview

vertitex exterior vertical roller blind

Max. Width x Projection:
Zip: 6m x 2.5m | Channel: 6m x 4m | Cable: 6m x 4m
Max. Fabric Area:
Zip: 15m² | Channel: 14.4m² | Cable: 14.4m²
Cassette 75:
(86 x 75mm) Zip: n/a | Channel: H to 300cm | Cable: H to 300cm
Cassette 92:
(101 x 92mm) H to 250cm | Channel: H from 301cm | Cable: H from 301cm
Wind Resistance:
(DN 13661) Zip: 3 | Channel: 2 | Cable: 2
(Beaufort) Zip: 6 to 49km/h | Channel: 5 to 38km/h | Cable: 5 to 38km/h
Frame Colours:
Price Category:
Lowest to highest*
price category 4

VertiTex II | Photo Gallery

For every application and facade, VertiTex ll can provide the solution. Small, discreet and so versatile.

Technical | Highlights

plaza viva telescopic post

Zip | wind resistant

plaza viva bracket and floating bearings

Side Channel | All Purpose

plaza viva compensation joint

Cable | Light delicate look

square profile

75mm + 92mm square profile

round profile

75mm + 92mm round profile

patented opti-flow system

Patented Opti-Flow System®

VertiTex II | Product  Features

Woinor AustraliaExterior Roller Blind features:
bulletSmallest 75mm + 92mm cassettes
bulletGerman precision build + componentry
bulletShades + protects large areas to 6m
bulletPatented Opti-Flow System ®

VertiTex II: Good to know before you buy!

Benefit from the experience of our weinor specialist retailers and partners – up-to-date, professional and practical!

Questions + Answers

What to do when it’s freezing?
It is better not to operate the VertiTex II in frosty conditions to prevent damaging any frozen components. However, if this is necessary in practice, it is better to keep an eye on the system! So you can stop quickly if something is frozen and prevent any damage.


And in windy conditions?
The VertiTex II withstands wind speeds of up to 38 km/h, the VertiTex II Zip even up to 49 km/h. Despite this, it is better to raise the vertical awning before strong winds develop. As a result, you can ensure that your VertiTex II is not damaged by strong gusts of wind. If you supplement your system with a wind sensor, it will do this job for you. If you don’t have a sensor and stronger winds have already set in, then watch as you retract it and respond to any possible jamming or irregular running by stopping the system.


 Are running noises normal?
To what extent the noise is noticed is of course subjective. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the system to run completely without any running or motor noise due to the VertiTex II’s moving parts. But the system is quiet as a mouse when it is extended or retracted. What can you do yourself? Cleaning the running rails or ropes regularly protects the moving parts. Please refer to your maintenance instructions and directions for use.


 Fabrics react to the environment
Fabrics react to external conditions. If it is dry or damp, warm or cold outside, the fabric may shrink or expand – only minimally of course. The size of the system also plays a part. These external factors may cause rippling and folds in the fabric. These folds are quite normal though and do not damage the system.


 Grooves on the back of the VertiTex II
With an installed VertiTex II, the back is generally not visible. It has grooves so that the system can be hooked into the brackets. However, there are specific installation situations where this mounting side is visible. It is best to speak to your specialist retailer and partner about this. They will be able to advise you professionally and offer you a solution for a harmonious look.


 Stick-slip effect – what is it?
How a VertiTex II runs may vary due to the fabrics’ frictional properties. The season and age of the system also play a part. This may lead to irregularities when retracting and expanding it, for example, the system “jerking”. In professional circles this is known as the stick-slip effect. This does not damage the system or restrict its function though.


 Avoiding transverse seams
Fabrics are tailored to the system size. As not every type of fabric has the same width, this may result in transverse seams. This depends entirely on which fabric you choose and the system height. The best thing to do is to contact your specialist retailer or partner beforehand and ask for advice on the most suitable type of fabric.


 Creasing and wrinkling – nothing to worry about!
Some irregularities simply cannot be avoided due to environmental and production reasons – for example, creases, wrinkles, rippling in the seam area, honeycombing or visible fabric edges with blended yarns. But we can reassure you: you are dealing with a high-performance fabric – small blemishes do not impair its functionality. They are therefore not a reason for rejection or grounds for complaint. More information

Weinor | My Collections

Kubata brochure

Kubata brochure

The cubic casette awning

PDFSize 1.6mb

Weinor high quality awning fabrics

My Collections, is Weinor’s new fabric range consisting of 3 different colour collections and ways.It’s a huge range of 143 new release colours patterns for you to select from. Weinor fabric quality and the manufacturing process is exceptional. Weinor fabrics are made from polyester or acrylic and are solution dyed for a superior colour fastness. High-quality pigments are stored in each individual fibre.

The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. Colours remain lastingly brilliant. This makes Weinor fabrics stand out from products made by other manufacturers where only the finished yarn is dyed. Thanks to the Teflon fabric coating and state-of-the-art nano technology, the surface is resistant to oil, water, dirt and prevents rot.

Weinor | Frame Colour Range

weinor frame colours

56 | Standard RAL Colours

Our standard frame colour range offers an impressive 47 RAL colours + 9 Trend Colours.

150 | Additional RAL Colours

For a small surcharge, Weinor also boasts over 150 additional RAL colours. Everyone is certain to find their favourite colours in the Weinor collection!

downloadsDownloads | Data + Specs

Vertitex II tech folderVertitex II

The ultimate vertical sun protection


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 Quiet, sophisticated & discreet operation. Impress guests

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