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Weinor 3D Designer | Download the App for free!

Design your new Weinor awnings and add it to Your outdoor space now!

You can playfully design your patio with matching awning or patio roof using the weinor 3D Designer.

Whether it’s on your computer or tablet – the weinor 3D Designer is an excellent tool to hep you see all the awning or patio roof options that go with your patio. Needless to say, the house facade and patio look can also be adapted to match your home. Or even better: you can simulate how the weinor product will blend in with a photo of your patio. This allows you to quickly review what impact your sun or weather protection system will have on your home.

As an app, the weinor awning and patio configurator can now go wherever you go, and you can show your friends, for example, what your dream weinor product is going to look like – without having to go online.

Load the 3D Designer onto your computer or install the app on your tablet and discover how you can create an even more homely atmosphere on your patio with an awning or patio roof from weinor.

for Ipad/iPhone


iPad from version 2*
iPad Mini or iPad Mini Retina from iOS version 7
*image montage feature first with iPad from version 3

for Android devices


Tablet from version 4.1 min. 2GB working memory 3D compatible chip

for PC


min. 2GB working memory. 
min. 200MB free fixed-disk storage
DirectX-9 compatible graphics card
Internet access
Windows version from XP

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