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Extensive selection of high quality awning fabrics.

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Weinor | Over 200 awning fabrics to choose from.

An awning fabric is a patio’s calling card. A suitable pattern and also the  properties of the fabric are vital factors in getting this right. With Weinor  fabrics, you can create a feel-good atmosphere in your outdoor area.  Because their colours remain lastingly brilliant. High-quality pigments are  stored in each individual fibre. The result: especially good colour fastness  and high UV resistance. This is what makes Weinor fabrics stand out from  products made by other manufacturers where only the finished yarn is  dyed. Other benefits that Weinor fabrics offer: they repel dirt, water and oil,  provide the best-possible protection from ultraviolet rays and can lower the  temperature of the living area. With over 200 fabric patterns to choose  from, you’re certain to find one that matches your very own personal taste!

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Weinor | Exclusive Fabric + Frame Colours.

True Colour Acrylic Fabrics

Magic Colour Polyester Fabrics

Specialty Fabrics

Frame Fabrics

true colours acrylic fabrics

Weinor True Colours
Acrylic Fabrics

For lasting brilliance and a beautiful feel Weinor’s beautiful acrylic fabrics have been used for generations. With over 40 years on the market, the hallmarks of these fabrics are their outstanding durability and consistently radiant colours

true colours acrylic fabrics

Weinor Magic Colours
Polyester Fabrics

Unparalleled shape retention. The exquisite magic colours polyester fabrics have the unique ability to return to almost their original state when subjected to heat (memory effect). The result: unavoidable creases and wrinkles all but completely disappear

perluca special collection fabrics

Weinor Special

The right fabric for every need.
Air-permeable, watertight or light-resistant – whatever the required use, Weinor offers an individual solution. All special collections are high-quality products, durable, and available in magnificent patterns.
weinor awning frame colour

Weinor’s world of
Frame Colours

Colours and shapes take on different meanings in a natural environment. Our houses and patios only really develop their own character when colour is applied, a character that reflects our personal taste.

Weinor | Exterior Fabrics Features

hi clean

The innovative nano-finish on Weinor fabrics causes dirt to bead up and simply roll off.

oeko tex

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 environmental standard ensures that no substances are contained in Weinor’s fabrics that might  be harmful to people or the environment

UPF 50

UPF 50+
With a maximum UV protection factor of UPF 50+, Weinor’s fabrics offer the best-possible protection from ultraviolet tradiation. Depending on the colour of the fabric, between 93% and 99.9% of all UV rays can be filtered.


Weinor fabrics can lower the temperature of a living space by 20% if dark colours are used, by 20% to 30% if medium-dark
colours are used, and by 30% if light colours are used.

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Weinor Fabric Ranges

Brilliant colour through and through
Just like nature intended it.

weinor fabric tips

Tip for Selecting Fabric

Our 10 Tips for selecting awning fabric

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